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The football fever rages over the world!

World Cup in football is an event that can bring people together. Of course at The Fairytale Company we also watch football.

Why not make the event a little more festive with a well-run table with our "Football" theme?

We have everything to decorate the cake festively and to cover the table with tablecloth, mugs, plates and more.

You'll find our great range in the "Football Series" here!

17 Jun 2018 13:18:31 By The Fairytale Company Comments VM2018,

We walk the extra mile

to meet your wishes

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13 Jun 2018 08:19:00 By The Fairytale Company .com & co.uk 0 Comments Autumn and Winter Collection,

Schoool's out .. The summer holiday stands for the door!


We have used spring to get all news registered and put in stock.

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11 Jun 2018 20:56:47 By thefairytalecompany.com Comments
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9 Item(s)